The wisdom of Pride and Prejudice

-What are men to rocks and mountains--

I spent the week re-reading Pride and Prejudice, so I have no book for Review Fridays this week. It was nice to take some time to stop and read something at a leisurely pace. The re-read reminded me of why I loved the book so much the first time I read it and why I went on to devour the rest of Jane Austen’s books. There is no author whom I adore more, and a re-read feels like a very relaxing treat in the midst of a busy world.

On a related note, I am taking the “Literature and Mental Health” course through the University of Warwick on FutureLearn. The first week has been all about how reading poetry can help to manage stress. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Next week, the instructors will be discussing Sense and Sensibility in the context of heartbreak, which should be interesting for Janeites. Best of all, the course is free. I love doing online courses, even if I don’t get credit for taking them.


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